Meadow, MEAsuring the Dynamics of Organisations and Work, Developing Harmonised Indicators on Organisational Change and its Economic and Social Impacts for the European Union
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Developing indicators : employer-level surveys


Lead partner : Amelia Román - OSA Institute for Labour Studies - Netherlands
Second : Annika Härenstam - University of Gothenburg - Sweden

Drawing on the work on priorities and definitions, the goal of this activity is to establish guidelines for the development of a core set of indicators on organisational change at the employer-level. These guidelines will come to terms with issues such as comparability of measurement level, obsolescence of indicators, as well as cross-national comparability.
The organisational change under scrutiny is both technologically and socially driven and manifests itself in new internal work processes, work structures, and new links with the organisation’s environment. Issues addressed in designing these indicators include :
 - Drivers for organisational change : for example inputs and sources of knowledge for organisational change
 - Characteristics and process of change : for example levels of change,
 - Degrees in which organisational change has been implemented Obstacles to organisational change
 - Benefits of change : performance effects of organisational change
 - Diffusion in terms of adoption of "new organisational practices" ICT investments/uses linked to organisational change

key factor in this survey design will be flexibility. Firstly, flexibility is needed so that the questionnaire design can accommodate the survey method : written questionnaires, face-to-face questioning methods, telephone survey or internet surveying method. Secondly, flexibility is necessary so as to reduce of obsolescence in the indicators used. Technological change must thus be captured in technological processes, not in brand names of software packages or computer hardware. And thirdly, the survey design must accommodate an international sampling method. For this, the core set of indicators identified will be developed into questions that will be directly translated in the languages of the countries taking part in the MEADOW project and tested for consistency.

A draft of the chapter on employer-level measures will be discussed with members from the consortium and presented to the stakeholders at the time of the third Meadow General Assembly meeting to be held in February 2009.