Meadow, MEAsuring the Dynamics of Organisations and Work, Developing Harmonised Indicators on Organisational Change and its Economic and Social Impacts for the European Union
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State of the art in surveys and concepts



The main purpose of this activity is to develop a framework identifying the key elements and interactions to be taken into account measuring organisational change. This will be accomplished both through an overview and critical assessment of the theoretical literature, and through a systematic overview of surveys of organisational change with a focus on the underlying theory of change in each survey in order to clarify concepts and clearly identify different strategic options in surveys.

The assessment of the theoretical literature will cover the fields of economics and business, sociology, ergonomics and psychology. The survey work will cover the following categories of survey instruments :
- Cross section of employer level surveys on organisational change
- Cross section of employee level surveys on the organisation of work
- Panels of employer and employee level survey
- Matched employer/employee surveys


The basic output of this activity will be a report comparing existing surveys according to a grid including :
- Surveys procedures : population, sampling frame, testing of questionnaire, reliability analysis
- Objectives of the survey : types of organisation change measures ; organisational innovation addressed;
- new organisational practices measured ; types of impacts examined at enterprise and/or employee level
- Underlying theories and concepts of organisational change
- Comparison of detailed indicators of organisational change and innovation
- Use of the survey results ; use in policy analysis and prescription

 A draft of the chapter on State of the Art and Concepts will be discussed with members from the consortium at the time of the second Meadow General Assembly meeting to be held in March 2008.