Meadow, MEAsuring the Dynamics of Organisations and Work, Developing Harmonised Indicators on Organisational Change and its Economic and Social Impacts for the European Union
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Inclusive Growth Research Infrastructure Diffusion

About InGRID

InGRID fits within the EU2020 ambition of Inclusive Growth. The project runs from February 2013 to Janu¬ary 2017 and involves 17 EU research institutes from all over Europe. The general objectives of InGRID are to integrate and to innovate existing European social sciences research infrastructures on ‘Poverty and living conditions’ and ‘Working conditions and vulnerability’. This will be done through the three main activities of InGRID:
• provision of transnational access to distributed data infrastructures;
• organisation of mutual knowledge exchange activi¬ties;
• organisation of joint research activities to improve methods and tools for comparative research.
A better measurement and understanding of vul¬nerable groups is the common and shared ex¬pected impact of this integrated research infra-structure. Also, this integra¬tion will provide the Euro¬pean scientific community with new and better opportunities to fulfil its key role in the development of evidence-based European policies for Inclusive Growth. In this regard specific attention is paid to following issues in the different project activities:
• better measurement of state policies;
• high performance statistical quality manage¬ment;
• dissemination and outreach activities.

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A project is supported by funding under the Seventh Research Framework Programme – Capacities