Meadow, MEAsuring the Dynamics of Organisations and Work, Developing Harmonised Indicators on Organisational Change and its Economic and Social Impacts for the European Union
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Historical events

Final Meadow Conference

29 January 2010, Brussels, Belgium (Organised by UNSA)

This meeting involved a wide range of potential users of the Guidelines, including representatives from the policy, scientific, business and trade union communities. The main objective of this meeting was to present the Guidelines, including the results of the testing phase of the project carried out in 2009, in order to demonstrate the feasibility of producing harmonised statistics on organisational dynamics at the EU level. The meeting was an occasion for further discussions aimed at building-up a partnership with members of the ESS network with a view to carrying-out a European survey on organisational change and its impacts. 


Minutes of the final conference


 Programme and speakers' presentations

9:00- 9:20 Welcome and opening remarks- MEADOW and EU research in socio-economic sciences

Domenico Rossetti , European Commission, DG Research


Chair for morning sessions: Monique Ramioul, Catholic University of Leuven

 9:20-10:00 Overview of the MEADOW project: objectives and policy relevance

Nathalie Greenan , Centre d'Etudes de l'Emploi

10:00- 10:45 Why is it important to measure organisational change?

Duncan Gallie, Nuffield College, Oxford

10:45- 11:00 Coffee

11:00-11:30 The MEADOW employer survey: scope and indicators

Edward Lorenz, University of Nice- Sophia Antipolis

11:30- 12:00 Open discussion with stakeholders

12:00-13:15 Buffet lunch


Chair for afternoon sessions: John Forth, National Institute of Economic and Social research, United Kingdom

13:15- 13:45 The MEADOW employee survey: scope and indicators

Francis Green, University of Kent

13:45- 14:15 Open discussion with stakeholders

14:15- 14:45 Cognitive tests and harmonisation of the MEADOW survey instruments

Giorgio Sirilli, Italian National Research Council

14:45- 15:15 Full-scale tests of the MEADOW questionnaire in Sweden and Denmark

Hans-Olof Hagen, Statistics Sweden

Peter Nielsen, Aalborg University

15:15- 15:45 Coffee


15:45- 16:45 Roundtable on MEADOW's contribution to European policy-making

Chair: Peter Elias, University of Warwick and Economic and Social Research Council

Kenneth Abrahamson, Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research

Joao Medeiros, European Commission, DG Employment

Keith Sequeira, European Commission, DG Enterprise

Maria Theofilatou, European Commission, DG Research

Tuomo Alasoini, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES)


16:45- 17:00 Conclusions

Nathalie Greenan, Centre d'Etudes de l'Emploi

Edward Lorenz, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis



First Stakeholder Meeting

4-6 February 2009, Aalborg, Denmark (Organised by AAU)

The main purpose of this meeting is to present the project’s mid-term results to representatives from the network comprising the European Statistical System (ESS) which includes Eurostat and the statistical offices, ministries, and agencies that collect official statistics for EU Member States. Representatives from these institutions will be actively engaged in a dialogue around the draft employer and employee-level questionnaires with a view to ensuring that the consortium stays focused on the needs of such national authorities who would ultimately carry-out a European-wide organisational survey.
This Meeting is organised by the University of Aalborg (AAU).   



Workpackages 4,5 and 6 Meeting
25 - 26 September 2008, Nurnberg, Germany(Organised by IAB) 

The partners involved in the Workpackages 4,5 and 6 met to discuss the progress of their work. Also, WP7 has been kicked off at this occasion. 



Second General Assembly Meeting

6-7 March 2008, Budapest, Hungary (2 days) 


Every partner involved in the Meadow project met to discuss the progress of the project, and to kick-off
the Workpackages 4, 5 and 6. The Steering Committee also met, likewise the Advisory Board. 


Workpackages 2 and 3 Meeting

27-28 November 2007, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2 days)
Every partner involved in the Workpackages 2 and 3 attended this meeting. The discussion was about the presentation of the drafts of the reports for these two Workpackages. 



 MEADOW Kick-off meeting

4 and 5 April 2007, Paris, France 

The Meadow Kick-off meeting took place in Paris (France) on the 4th and the 5th of April 2007.

General Assembly
The General Assembly met for the first time, with three principal objectives :
- The presentation and discussion of the overall work plan (including the presentation of each contractor).
-The presentation of the financial and contractual aspects of the Contract, and propositions for a Consortium Agreement.
- The kick-off of the Workpackages 2 and 3, that is to say “State of the art in surveys on organisational change and concepts of organisational change”, and “Setting the priorities in measurement and basic definitions”.
Advisory Board
The Advisory Board also met for the first time to discuss the overall workplan and dissemination strategy.



MEADOW Steering Committee meeting

20 March 2007, Leuven, Belgium 

The Steering Committee met for the first time on the 20th of March 2007 in Leuven (Belgium). The discussion was about :
  - the role and internal coordination of the Steering Committee
  - the communication structure within the consortium
  - the role and composition of the Advisory Board
  - the input from the Institutional contributors
  - the Consortium Agreement
  - the organisation of the kick-off meeting, and of WP2 and WP3
  - a dissemination plan for year 1